The next generation of tile cleaning services in New York is here.

We deliver that genuinely perfect and sanitized look for your tile floor and shower that you have extensively strived for with the best tile cleaning services in New York. Passing on that brain boggling cleanliness, which you have constantly imagined, is second nature to our artists. When we play out our restoration service, you will be amazed by the level of flawlessness our artists achieve. An in-depth review of our professional tile cleaning services is mentioned below

Ceramic tile and grout cleaning.

Cleaning ceramic tile with cheap cleaners won’t eliminate all the deep rooted stains and will also harm your floor, shower and countertop. The restoration products that we utilize are formulated by pFOkUS, which is the world’s best tile cleaner and grout sealer manufacturing firm. We clean and purify tile with Imperia – an unbelievably deep soaking cleaner. It saturates the surface stripping all the significant stains, mold and prior sealers.

Cleaning natural stone tile and grout.

Natural stone tile – marble, travertine, slate and granite is more generally selected than other tile due to its entrancing color variety. However, all varieties of natural stone need the correct care or help, else they will lose their charm in a short period. Natural stone has pores that easily allow the absorption of moisture, causing mold and stains. In showers, we wipe out soap scum with Imperia and knock out the mold with H2O2. Besides, we apply Imperia to natural stone floors and countertops to remove the all of the deep rooted stains and mold.

Not just cleaning tile, sealing the grout.

Our tile cleaning services eliminate stains, but it doesn’t keep them from happening again. Grout fills the spaces or voids among tiles and it will make the entire surface look frightful if not sealed with great sealers. Grout is to a great degree porous that will wipe up majority of the liquids, even the mop water, which will keep the surface untidy and unsanitized. We make grout waterproof with our pigmented titanium epoxy/gum sealer – Caponi. It coats grout while drenching into the floor or walls. Caponi is accessible in 40 color varieties, which are sufficient to suit your undertakings needs.

Sealing natural stone, after cleaning.

Much the same as grout, natural stone is in like manner uncommonly porous and will stain rapidly if not sealed with proficient products. At the point when natural stone has been cleaned, all of its pores will open and allow the retention of moisture easily. We coat the natural stone in showers using Celine – a clear topical solvent based sealant. Celine seeps to the stone while making a hydrophobic surface to prevent staining and etching issues. It similarly will add a refined sheen to the surface. On floors and countertops, we use Repela-Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer. Repela-Bond moreover makes the stone tile waterproof, yet it leaves the surface with a mesmerizing look.

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