D’Sapone performs a professional natural stone restoration services in New York with a 5 year labor warranty. Natural stone tiles look fantastic. They give a home a warm, captivating perspective and look remarkable for all intents and purposes. In like way, natural stone tiles are an art by nature, making them a perfect piece of interest in homes and work environments. Be that as it may, proper care and support is fundamental to defend the grandness of your stone. Cleaning, sealing and polishing with patented and safe products will pass on that persevering neatness to your stone. Below, we have mentioned our restoration services.

Taking marble restoration to the next level.

Marble looks rich, yet it can easily lose its appeal if not looked after appropriately. It is much the same as sand on the shoreline, holding moisture that conveys stains and mold. We clean the stone utilizing a noteworthy infiltrating cleaner – Imperia, cleaning and sterilizing the tile and grout while discharging all the significant built up stains, etching, mold and mildew. Our inconceivable marble stone restoration services in New York, knocks out stains and the progression of mold for a lifetime. We coat the stone with Repela – Bond – an invisible clear resin water based sealer, passing on a genuine hydrophobic appearance.

Restoring travertine with brilliance.

Essentially the right care or maintenance can keep up the excellence of travertine. The stone’s pores open up once we perform tile cleaning and will effectively permit the entry of fluids, causing mold and stains. After the cleaning strategy, it should be settled with a top notch sealer, shutting every last one of its pores. Sealing travertine with Celine – a clear topical solvent based clear resin sealer, not simply coats the stone, it makes the travertine waterproof while entering profound into the surface. Our artists conveying a travertine stone restoration services deliver your stone an amazing sheen.

Slate stone restoration.

Slate looks wonderful with its shading assortments. Accessible in incredible earth-tone shades, the stone adds a characteristic touch to your home. It always holds dampness and releases dust that affects it to look unpleasant. We clean the slate with a brilliant cleaner, thumping out each of the stains. After that point, we perform slate sealing, safeguarding it from permitting the absorption of liquids. Our slate stone restoration services in New York delivers that astounding look to your stone.

Granite restoration coupled with perfection.

While cleaning with typical cleaners, their chemicals lessen the magnificence and fine surface of the stone. D’Sapone passes on the best granite cleaning service in New York with a patented cleaning process. Our artists exceed expectations in cleaning granite countertops and floors. We apply Imperia Deep Clean – a deep penetrating cleaner over the stone surface. Imperia seeps into the surface and ousts all the deep rooted stains. It cleans, preps and sanitizes the surface without damaging its beauty. Thereafter, we seal and polish the stone with much efficiency.
NOTE: After we clean and seal the marble, travertine and slate we can in like way perform stone polishing to pass on that charming sheen, which once flashed over the surface.

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These were our natural stone restoration services in New York that will pass on a spellbinding look to the stone and grout. Contact us for a free estimate.