Pool tile restorations.

Our professional pool tile repair services in New York is here to pass on a mesmerizing appearance to your tile, stone, grout and stainless rails with its patented pool restoration service. Pool is the most stunning zone where people come to unwind and invest a quality time with their loved ones. Along these lines, it’s basic to take care of each detail and guarantee that your pool is looking perfect and clean fittingly.

Issues faced with pool.

  • Hard water comprises of minerals like calcium and magnesium. When water evaporates, it prompts mineral deposits on your pool tile and stone, and leaves behind white water dots. In any case, however engaging or beautiful your tile is, the hard water stains will ruin it
  • Stainless rails are the principle fascination of any pool as guests use them to leave or enter the pool. Water etches it and that is the thing that gives a horrible impression to your guests.
  • On the off chance that your pool tiles aren’t placed properly, then efflorescence can happen over the surface, and can cause breaks in it.
  • Contractual workers utilize cheap water based sealers, which isn’t suitable for wet settings. If the stone, grout and stainless rails are not settled with quality sealers, they will peel and wear off in months

What is the solution?

We use high class cleaners and sealers delivered from pFOkUS that empower us to offer a 5 year labor warranty for our customers. We have depicted underneath our amazing method to manage the best pool tile and grout restoration in New York.

Killing hard water stains from pool tile and stone with Benaz.

While performing a commercial and residential pool cleaning service in New York, we utilize a cleaner that is remarkably proposed to eliminate hard water stains and etching from the tile, stone, grout and stainless rails.

Polishing stainless rails with Benaz.

We polish the stainless rails with a phenomenal product called Benaz, clearing out all the hard water dabs and etching bringing back that new stainless look.

Eliminating efflorescence with Zido.

In case there is an issue of efflorescence, we use a compound called Zido. It removes all efflorescence over the surface and thereafter it wipes out all of the salts at the root to prevent the occurrence of efflorescence. If your shower tile is cracked due to efflorescence, we can also rectify this issue with our pool tile repair services.

Sealing all the grout lines with Caponi.

We cover all the grout lines with Caponi – a 2 part pigmented titanium resin/epoxy. It is open in a range of 40 different hues. Caponi drenches into the grout and waterproofs it to end the occasion of stains and mold.

Sealing natural stone and stainless rails with Celine.

A unique natural look oil based sealer, Celine seals the natural stone and stainless rails with a slight sheen. It forms a nice coat the stone tiles to dry them and to keep away from future recoloring. Celine can in like manner seal the grout.

Performing pool tile repair services and filling travertine’s holes with Sentura

We don’t demand an extra tile, if it is cracked. We perform pool tile repair services in New York using the most powerful adhesive. We fill the cracks and travertine holes with Sentura – a solvent based epoxy/resin filler. It is formulated with a 1200psi adhesive bond, Sentura will never fly out. The best part is, it comes in excess of 40 tints that are enough to suit your necessities.