Grout Restoration Service at the Next Level with a 5 Year Labor Warranty

Grout – a cement based material, fills the voids between tiles on the surface. We enjoy having stain and mold free floor, walls and countertops. Tiles look beautiful for much longer than many other shower and floor coverings. Sadly, even your tile will eventually fall prey to stains and mold, if the wrong grout restoration service is taken. The worst part of grout and what D’Sapone does about it are all listed below…

The Problem with Grout:

  • Grout is just like sand on the beach that allows all the liquids, even the dirty mop water, to pass through it, causing stains and mold to take place.
  • Grout cleaning with cheap cleaners from big box stores doesn’t remove all the stains and also damages the integrity of the surface.
  • Performing grout sealing with water based sealers will peel within months, making the surface look unpleasant.
  • Most contractors perform regrouting to get rid of cracked, missing and stained grout since it is an easy process. But, it will fail within months while diminishing the value of the surface.

Grout Restoration Service in atlantaHow D’Sapone Deals with These Issues?

D’Sapone is one of the best tile and grout restoration companies. Grout issues on floors, walls or in showers were nothing short of a burden, but now we have revolutionized the restoration industry with high quality cleaners and sealers designed by pFOkUS. No matter how damaged your tile and grout are, we can bring them back to that fresh and sanitized look you strive for with our patented processes that are listed below…

Cleaning Grout with an Exquisite Cleaner:

Has your stained grout ruined the look of the entire surface? We will make it look new with our incredible tile and grout cleaning process. We will apply Imperia Deep Clean to the floor, walls or shower. It will penetrate into the tile and grout while stripping stains, mold, mildew and bacteria at the root of the surface. It will also release any sealers if present in the grout. Unlike other cleaners, our product will not damage the integrity of your tile and grout.

Grout Sealing with a Titanium Sealer:

When installing new tiles on floors or in showers, most people ask about the need of grout sealing. On this note, different companies have different opinions. It’s time to settle the issue in this blog once and for all, ‘why grout should be sealed’?

grout sealing in atlantaGrout is porous and sometimes even the most powerful cleaner doesn’t remove all the stains, which will further ruin the entire tile and grout. We will not just lock out the stains, we will also prevent its occurrence with our quality grout cleaning process using Caponi – a two part pigmented titanium solvent epoxy/resin sealer. It will soak into your grout lines while making them waterproof to prevent stains and the growth mold and mildew. It will neither peel nor will be damaged by harsh chemicals or scrubbing. We will not just prevent the passage of moisture or liquids, we will also enhance the beauty of your surface by choosing the perfect color of Caponi from its over 40 color options.

Repairing Cracked or Missing Grout with Sentura:

Most contractors replace the old grout with new grout to get rid of cracking issues, which is just a temporary band-aid solution. We will repair your cracked or missing grout using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent epoxy/resin. It is designed with a 1200psi adhesion, which will protect the grout for a lifetime. We can pigment this product in more than 40 color options to suit your needs. Once we repair your grout with Sentura, it will look beautiful and natural for a lifetime.

Re-Grouting-Repairing -DSapone in atlantaOffering Maintenance with Less Effort:

Once we perform restorations, you can keep the beauty of your tile and grout with less effort. Maintain your floor with Imperia Maintenance, which will keep the look of your surface without causing any damage to it. If it’s a shower, treat it with Valore Maintenance, adding a coating protection to the tile and grout while cleaning the surface. Just use these products once a week and extend your grout restoration warranty up to 5 years.

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