Bathtub refinishing.

Introducing a bathtub in showers, brings an exceptional bathing experience. Regardless, it requires the best bathtub refinishing services in New York to keep their prominence and appeal. Most artists perform restoration utilizing cheap and lower quality coatings, causing poor results, which lead to chipping and peeling issues, to the extent that the coat wears off in a year. Most pros compromise on quality and likewise, they use poor bath mats or inferior slip-resistant mats that totally destroy the bathtub coating. From that point on, this coat ruins rapidly in a year. Absence of the right slip-resistant material can be hazardous, as it can provoke terrible falls. It is important to understand that stains and mold will take birth under such low quality bath covering.

D’Sapone is the best restoration service provider among other bathtub reglazing companies in New York. We simply use high quality products created by pFOkUS to pass on that genuinely necessary look to the tub. A nitty gritty record of our restoration is recorded underneath.

Bathtub stripping with a natural product

D’Sapone artists use an exceptional stripping product- pFOkUS’ Tub Stripper. As compared to various tub strippers, it passes on twofold the vitality of stripping without diminishing the gloriousness of the surface. This is the way by which we differ from other bathtub stripping service providers in New York.

Covering the Tub Using Saponi

Remembering, the true objective to get a perfect bathtub coating includes performing appropriate cleaning, micro-etching and painting. We accomplish that cleaned white porcelain look through re-considering the tub business – an amazing three-coat technique with Saponi – a part solvent based titanium primer and top coat. This product ensures our bathtub covering is durable and will never peel.

Creating a Slip-resistant Surface

Our bathtub refinishing services don’t just make the tub look new, it also establishes a powerful slip-resistant application on the surface. The most capable legitimate slip-resistant product will be added to the base of your tub. This product will be made with a titanium blended utilizing Saponi and aggregate. Thusly, we don’t simply outline our restoration strategy around the tub’s magnificence – security was the primary thought, not an offer thought.

Making an Astonishing Look with a Paint-Less Process if a Coating isn’t Needed

Despite the fact that D’Sapone can deal with a complete paint restoration of a bathtub – at times our natural restoration process is an unrivaled decision as we utilize zero paint. Performing a phenomenal bathtub restoration service is second nature to us.

Get a free bathtub refinishing estimate

After we perform bathtub refinishing services or bathtub reglazing services, you can keep its radiance effectively with Valore. It’s not only an upkeep item, it’s better all around, leaving your bathtub with a delightful look after each utilization. Valore will add a layer of sealer to your tub while cleaning the surface. It will also enhance your bathtub restoration warranty up to 5 years.What are you sitting tight for? Connect with us @ D’Sapone and get your free New York bathtub restoration estimate.