Tile and grout cleaning services in New York.
Pushed even further by D’Sapone®

D’Sapone is a renowned stone, shower, pool, hotel, tile and grout cleaning services provider in New York. We  initiated our restoration business in the year 2005. Everything started with an intention of bestowing worthwhile and beneficial services. We provide our professional services in all locations of Florida, Georgia, New York and Oklahoma. Whatever be the level of stains on your showers and floors, our exceptionally certified artists can dispense it from the root level. We additionally convey complete restoration services for pools and hotels by utilizing fantastic and safe cleaners and sealers. This will absolutely guarantee a surprising appearance to the unsighted surface in no time.

Our epic restorations would not have been conceivable by the utilization of ordinary cleaners and sealers. This is on the grounds that they peel off the floor and walls in a brief span. That is the motivation behind why we have collaborated with pFOkUS, which manufactures high class cleaners and sealers, giving huge tidiness and flawlessness. Our restoration method is exceptionally detailed and includes numerous steps. This is the way we differ from different organizations or contractual workers, as getting call backs from clients is something we don’t appreciate.

Thereafter, re-caulking and re-grouting are two services which our artists never perform. This is on the grounds that these methodologies are a temporary fix arrangement as they cause a similar issue again in a couple of days. Additionally, we don’t trouble our clients to bring new tile, if their tile is cracked. Our skilled artists repair the broken tile and grout, supplant the caulk and fill the gaps of stone with a strong flexible epoxy/resin filler, having a 1200psi adhesive power. Rather than re-grouting, we seal all the grout lines with the best quality pigmented titanium grout sealer

Our artists specialize in the following services

  • Tile and grout cleaning services in New York with a penetrating cleaner
  • Color grout sealing service in New York with a titanium sealer
  • Natural stone sealing service in New York with oil based natural look sealers
  • Performing a shower glass restoration in New York by eliminating all the stains from the shower glass
  • Removing shower efflorescence in New York with a penetrating chemical
  • Replacing caulk with our exquisitely designed durable and pigmented filler
  • Repairing cracked tile in New York with our 2 part pigmented filler
  • Delivering a high-quality shower restoration service in New York.
  • Slate restoration service in New York with a quality cleaner and sealer
  • Travertine restoration service in New York with efficient products and a detailed technique
  • Granite counter-top restoration service in New York
  • Marble restoration service in New York

Why Choose Us?

While performing restorations, we utilize professional innovations and products to convey unparalleled levels of accuracy and perfection, in this way presenting proficient tile and grout cleaning services. D’Sapone is the only organization, who offers a 5 year labor warranty on services like stone sealing, re-grouting, caulk elimination and tile restoration services.
Dissimilar to other contractual workers who enjoy a considerable measure of chaos, we thoroughly refrain from these issues. We don’t utilize caulk. We have several years of practical experience in tile, grout, stone and glass restoration with incredible eagerness equipped with impeccably manufactured products from pFOkUS.